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Nathan Johnson founded Wellfleet Services in 1995 in order to provide system furniture installation and maintenance for customers who can not afford to have a lot of downtime. We install most major brands of system furniture, including but not limited to Herman Miller, Haworth, Steelcase, Center Core, American Seating, Hon, Kimball, Rosemount, Harper and Teknion.

Our mission is to provide our services in a timely and efficient manner. This entails doing the job correctly the first time. We offer installation services locally in the Austin/San Antonio area but are prepared to travel nationwide to accommodate your install needs. Our cleaning service is primarily local and statewide. Below is a list of our services and capabilities. If you need a service not listed, please call, as we can accommodate most requests.



We disturb only the dirt, not your business.
Unlike our major competitiors, Wellfleet drags no huge, intrusive hoses or machines through your public spaces while cleaning. Our shorter hoses confine our equipment to the area where the work is actually being performed, so it's safer and less inconvenient.

Wellfleet uses a cold water process, (a solvent-free solution at 400 psi, under constant vacuum control), instead of steam.
This allows for more thorough water recovery without overwetting. Four filters help assure that a higher percentage of contaminants are removed to prevent later resoiling.

Furniture and carpets can smell dirty even when they look clean.
Many cleaning methods remove surface soils but not odors. Our environmentally sound cold water process extracts stains, odors, smoke, dust, and even chemical residues often left from previous cleanings. With Wellfleet, your carpets and upholstery smell as fresh as they look! 


Most of our cleaning is done in conjunction with reconfiguring or moving to minimize inconvenience to your staff and clients.
If your cleaning needs are for currently utilized spaces, we can come in after hours to eliminate work flow disruptions.

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Your existing panels may just need cleaning, not replacing.
Before you make the costly decision to replace or refabric dingy modular panels, let our experts give you a cleaning quote. You might be surprised at the money you can save. Wouldn't you rather invest money in your bottom line than into new panels?


We make you look good - to both your clients and to your accountant.
Offices out of service for cleaning mean disgruntled employees or clients as well as productivity downtime. Wellfleet's continuous flow cleaning process dries in about 60 minutes, instead of 4-5 hours, so you can get back to business faster. After all, a wet carpet is worse than a dirty carpet, as far as usage is concerned!


New installs, moves and reconfigurations, and service work are all in a days work.
We want to make your systems furniture installation and maintenance trouble free. We also install case goods, free standing office furniture and chairs. Your install jobs can be as few as one station or as many as 400.

New, Used, and/or Remanufactured Installs
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